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Environmental Health Specialist



• Conducts Environmental Compliance Inspections as required by MSP 222 Environmental Compliance Unit rounds and reports on findings to the JHAH proponent department and the JHAH Environment of care Coordinator. Areas evaluated include; general maintenance and housekeeping in all patient care area; illumination and ventilation; water supply; ice source and handing; sterile supply processing; linen supply; solid and hazardous waste management; food services and pest control. • Performs Environmental Sampling in JHAH facilities, interprets the result and advises JHAH proponent department, JHAH Medical Plant Services Division and coordinator, Community and Building Maintenance Department on necessary controls / modifications to utility systems to alleviate problems that have or may result in failure of samples to meet acceptable standards. Sampling programs include: potable water, dialysis unit water sampling; ice; reconstituted infant formula; swabs / rinses of flexible endoscopes; settle plates for laminar flow work benches; and Replicate Organism Detection and Counting (RADOC) plates for hydrotherapy tanks and associated equipment. • Reviews as appropriate; plans and proposals for new or upgrading of JHAH patient and non-patient care facilities and advises Facility Support Service Department on necessary requirements to meet minimum environmental standards to protect the health, safety and welfare of patient, employees and visitors. • Assist in reviewing policies and procedures that are relevant to and affect environmental Health in JHAH Facilities.


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