Managing Executive: Inland & International




Formulate and implement a strategic plan that accounts for current and future market forces and movements. These must include operational milestones that drive the company to achieve its strategic objectives.

Provide thought leadership and embed a culture of innovation through leveraging intellectual property and facilitate strategic innovation within the sales environment.

Establish and enhance relationships with strategic customers and partners, with the aim of creating market dominance. Ensure a customer and sales orientated mind-set is implemented. Drive customer experience improvement.

Responsible for the management and effectiveness of all processes, including the identification and mitigation of strategic risk.

Develop and manage the annual budget and forecasts within strategic guidelines, directing and coordinating activities to achieve revenue achievement and cost containment targets.

Leverage customer insights from the customer engagement teams to refine sector sales strategy.

Promote and facilitate optimum collaboration between divisions and establish / enhance relationships and network with strategic partners, customers and vendors to create market dominance.

Lead periodic reviews and discussions with reporting teams to establish and foster a culture of performance excellence and engagement


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